Amazing All-You-Can-Eat Buffets in London

Amazing All-You-Can-Eat Buffets in London

Whilst we know Buffets are not fine dining, they are definitely something to be enjoyed every now and again, and London has some of the most amazing options when it comes to them. With its rich history of diversity and being the launching place of interesting fusions and new tastes, there are plenty of flavours to enjoy. We hope you enjoy this list!

Sushi Salsa

Located in Camden, this restaurant starts serving its buffet at 5pm everyday, with a surprising mix of eclectic American and Japanese favourites. Whilst it’s a little on the pricier side for a buffet (£19.80 per person), it’s serving raw fish sushi which makes it understandable. Either way, if you’re a fan of sushi and looking to get a good fill, then this might be the place to stop by!

Rodizio Preto

This restaurant is a churrascaria, offering unlimited servings of grilled meat and uses traffic light signs for you to let the servers know if you want to keep going or tap out. If you’re not too keen on pigging out on meat, then maybe consider their slightly cheaper alternative at £19.95 which offers all-you-can-eat on their select hot dishes and salads.

Rodizio Preto is located on Shaftesbury Avenue.

Kitchin N1

If you’re looking for a Chinese-Thai-Indian-Italian fusion, then Kitchin just might be the place for you. Whilst the places is fairly small for a buffet (200-seats) it’s still an amazing place to head for lunch or dinner. The lunch menu starts at £8,99 Monday to Saturday, and they offer some amazing tandoor meats, Thai Curries, and naan bread.

Kitchin is located on Caledonia Street.


These are just a small selection of some great buffets located around London, and by far there are more to be discovered! If you have a favourite, let us know. We’d love to hear about it.

Photograph: Sushi Salsa

Amazing Exhibitions to See in London This March

Amazing Exhibitions to See in London This March

With the harsh winter we’ve had this winter, we’re all looking for the sun to come. However, whilst we wait to welcome in the spring there are plenty of things to see indoors this month, keeping you warm! Here’s some of our favourite happening exhibitions from around the city.

The Great British Seaside

One of the most typical British tourist destinations is the seaside. Blackpool, Brighton, Dover – and many more are all places where memories are made. From the 23rd March there will be an exhibition at the National Maritime museum which looks at the quirks associated with Brits and their love of the sea. Fish and chips, ice cream and seagulls are just some of the topics covered.

Tickets: £10.35

Hope to Nope: Graphics & Politics 2008 – 2018

Social media has played a vital role in life and especially politics in the recent past. This exhibition at the Design Museum explores this and looks at how the Arab Spring, Brexit, and Trump’s election were all influenced by social media.

Tickets: £12

The Affordable Art Fair

If you’re looking to grab yourself some amazing artworks from a selection of amazing artists, then the Affordable Art Fair is definitely well worth a stop in Battersea Park. Taking place between 8-11 March, this fair coincides with International Women’s Day and so will feature several special female artists.

Tickets: £10

Special Forces: In the Shadows

Rappelling from a helicopter, or jumping out of a plane in the darkness of night are not all things the average person can do, and we’re more often than not glad that we aren’t. This exhibition at the National Army Museum looks at the special forces and the role they play in real world scenarios. An example is an exploration into the Iranian embassy siege in 1980 and the training the soldiers undergo.

Tickets: £8

Picasso 1932: Love, Fame, Tragedy

We’re used to seeing Picasso exhibitions which display the diversity of his work and how his style developed, but this exhibition at Tate Modern takes somewhat of a more interesting turn: it focuses entirely on one formative year of his career, 1932. Going through intense artistic and personal changes in this year, his work became more sensual. Step into his work and his personal life from the 8th March.

Tickets: £22

These are just a few of the amazing exhibitions that you can visit in London this month, and stay tuned on the blog for more updates and things to do!

Photograph: Martin Parr/Magnum

Amazing places to Ice Skate in London this Winter

Amazing places to Ice Skate in London this Winter

Ice skating is one of London’s favorite pastimes during winter, especially during Christmas.

There are several permanent indoor London ice skating rinks, but in winter you’ll find many more outdoor ice rinks popping up across the capital.

Take a look at some of London’s best winter ice rinks, or browse through different more places to go ice skating in London below:

Somerset House

Among the lots of skating locations in London, The Somerset House is one of the most beautiful locations to skate. With the Fortnum Lodge close to the Somerset house it is the ideal place to be when you’re ready to get off the ice.

Natural History Museum

Have a fun filled winter at one of the most famous rinks in London. It is located at the front of Kensington’s Natural History Museum and also surrounded by twinkling lights, there are few places that offer such an atmospheric skate and Natural History Museum is one of the best.

Skylight at London

The Skylight skating rink is placed on the roof of Tobacco Dock. It’s one of London’s first rooftop ice skating rink this winter. It’s a small rink compared to most, not surprising since it’s on a roof. It gives the best view from any ice skating rink.

Hampton Court ice rinks

Hampton Court ice rink is located in the most extravagant palace grounds of any skating rink in London. Hampton Court’s rink is a fantastic place to be during the winter. The rink has a cloakroom and skate rental.

If you’re not skating, or just wish to have some time spent at Hampton Court the Frost Fayre café will be a nice location. If you also need a place to warm up and have some coffee after or before skating Hampton Court ice rinks is the ideal place to be.

The Hidden World of London’s Morning Markets

The Hidden World of London’s Morning Markets

Have you gone through a lot of markets across the globe? Then, there is one you should include on your travel list – London’s morning markets. Whether you are a foreigner or a domestic resident, it is a place you cannot afford to miss. There are a ton of things that are worth spending for.

When having a hard time how to get started, take a brief look at the following. You will have the opportunity to see their hidden world.


At exactly 8 am, Columbia Road Flower Market is already open. When looking for a colorful or friendly market, this comes to your rescue. However, it is only available every Sunday. Surprise your special someone with a fresh and stunning flower on your date.

This is where a variety of choices are provided. Whatever the flower that your girl loves, you can find it there in NO time. But be ready because the street is a bit cobbled or narrow. Just explore the place ahead of time as there are a number of locals and tourists at 9 am.


Are you an antique collector? Do you always look for a new and unique one? Whatever the case maybe, Sunbury Antiques Market is the perfect choice you can ever have. It opens every other Tuesday morning. When you do not have a hectic schedule, you can take that as an opportunity to witness a range of amazing choices.

But you really have to wake up early to grab a luxurious, stylish, and fashionable antique. Make sure to go before dawn as it has been one of the topnotch markets that people select for years now. Search the net for more information to know where to start. With that thought in mind, you will never miss the best pieces in the place.


For a big and special event, why not take Billingsgate Fish Market into account. As a matter of fact, it is recognised as the number one choice in the UK. Whatever type of fish or shellfish you want to cook, you will come to the right place.

From 4 am to 8 am, it is available. Prepare yourself to go there to purchase affordable, high-quality, fresh, healthy, and safe options. When the event takes place, all your guests will enjoy your food. They will be quite overwhelmed and amazed with you for sure. In case, you are not satisfied with your existing market, spend a time to witness the world of Billings Fish Market.


There is no need to wake up at dawn to purchase cool and quality stuff at Princess May Car Boot Sale. Everything starts from 6:30 am. Bring enough money to buy accessories and clothing that suit your needs.

There you go the list about what you can experience in the hidden world of London’s market. Find a way to give them a try. Invite your family and friends to have more fun!


Dalston – London’s Up & Coming Area

Dalston – London’s Up & Coming Area

Are you thinking of your next vacation destination or you simply wanted to forget all your stress in life? Now is the best time for you to visit Dalston, one of the most amazing places in London. So, get ready and pack your things. Then, fall in love with Dalston.

Dalston is always a perfect place for you to experience vintage shops, lively nightlife, eccentric cafes and irresistible restaurants. If you wanted to completely enjoy the best of East London, visiting Dalston must be on your top list.

With so much amazing things on why to explore Dalston, it is now considered as London’s upcoming area. From the time that you had your very first step in the street of Dalston, you will surely love discovering more things about it.


One of the most popular restaurants you can find in Dalston is TINA, WE SALUTE YOU. This restaurant is characterized with wide variation of deliciously homemade cakes, unique wall art and amazing service. Locals of Dalston consider this restaurant to be their 2nd living room. Thus, it is now to exciting events!

If you wanted to try a Turkisk taste within London, Mangal 2 restaurant is the answer to your craving. They are serving their authentic recipe of ocakbasi and take a bite of it while you are rooming your eyes into their combined pop and basic interior.

Thus, you can try Café Oto. This serves as your sanctuary when you are looking for unique beverages, new music and interesting crowd. So, there is no way for you not to visit Dalston if you are craving for sumptuous food.


If you plan to have some shopping activities within Dalston, be ready for amazing surprises by man shops around the area. LN-CC can be your first stop and enjoy its entrance with geometric wooden design. You can get amazed with its specialization in designer clothing, books and music.

You can’t get wrong visiting Pelicans and Parrots. Here, you can find clothes and homewares. Next is for you to visit Beyond Retro and shop some 90s Adidas and 70s dresses. So, your entire day will be filled with excitement as you shop your desired staffs.


You can find lots of attractions in Dalston making it one of the most interesting place during your stay in London. Take time to visit Roof Park and enjoy the magnetizing view of London. Thus, it is free to visit and head your way to pop-up bars and outdoor plays.

If you have great fond of watching films, you can try visiting Rio Cinema. You can watch with your travel buddies the films like old classics and newly released. And when you decided to visit Dalston during summer time, it is best for you to take advantage of London Fields Lido and dive to the cool water.

When it comes to places to go and thing to do, Dalston cannot disappoint you. So, consider this place as your next stop and experience a different level of excitement.


Image sourced from Ugry Old Man on Flickr


Halloween in London – Here’s What To Do

Halloween in London – Here’s What To Do

Many countries are celebrating Halloween every year. With this in mind, many people are traveling to other countries just to experience what type of Halloween that certain country has to offer. Of course, London is no exception when it comes to Halloween.

Visiting the London, you can have a chance to encounter the wildest and the most memorable Halloween events and activities of your life. From there, you will be able to put experience a great adventure and form amazing memories with friends and families, all with Christmas just right around the corner. To give you an overview, we will be highlighting some of the things to do in London during the Halloween night.

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London’s Most Unusual Cafes

London’s Most Unusual Cafes

Whilst a British Caff is the norm on most streets in London, there has been an uptake in exciting new, quirky cafes across the city. If you are looking for something that’s a little out of the ordinary (or maybe even a place for coffee and a haircut), then we’ve got a great selection of places that you can visit. Here are some of London’s most unusual cafes.

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Unusual Museums in London: Part I

Unusual Museums in London: Part I

London, although no Amsterdam, is a city with hundreds of museums. Many of them are well-known, such as the British Museum and the V&A, but there are plenty of lesser known and very niche museums to consider as well.

In this series of blog posts, we want to bring you some of these more quirky museums that you may enjoy dotted around the capital, and just highlight some of the amazing things you can find in this great city.

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GrandFest – Learn New Skills

GrandFest – Learn New Skills

Fancy learning new skills with some of the best teachers in the world? That’s where GrandFest comes in. This festival is dedicated to the skills that we can learn from our elders, and features people who have spent their lives perfecting crafts and skills who are willing to teach you.

It is presented by the Royal Voluntary Service and will take place in Spitalfields on the 18th July. There’s a wide range of classes and workshops you can take part in, from Bread Making to Wood turning, Crocheting to Basket Weaving.

For your chance to take part in this amazing event, make sure you reserve your slot in a class today!

Full class list and reservation form can be found here.