At check-in you will be asked to fill out and sign the registration card and provide a proof of identification with photo (passport or UK – ID/driving license).  A sig­na­ture on the Reg­is­tra­tion Card indi­cates accep­tance of our Terms and Con­di­tions for the occu­pa­tion of an apart­ment at our prop­erty. Copies are avail­able to view at Recep­tion and in your apart­ment.  Please can we draw your atten­tion to the fol­low­ing addi­tional points:


The apartment’s keys must be returned to reception on at check out and charges may apply for lost keys.


All VISITORS must report to Recep­tion at the time of the visit. Due to Health and Safety Fire Reg­u­la­tions all NON-RESIDENT guests can­not stay beyond MIDNIGHT.   Only the num­ber of per­sons reg­is­tered at the time of Check–in may occupy the apart­ment. Under no cir­cum­stances is mul­ti­ple occu­pancy allowed. No ani­mals are to be brought into the apart­ment at any time.


We reserve the right to ter­mi­nate your use and occu­pa­tion of your apart­ment imme­di­ately in the event of:
a. Non-pay­ment of any monies due
b. Over­crowd­ing for any type of or sort of gath­er­ing
c. Unrea­son­able noise or behav­iour (which the man­age­ment reserve the right to deter­mine)
d. Unau­tho­rised par­ties or gath­er­ings in the apartment


We pro­vide accom­mo­da­tion for pri­vate res­i­den­tial use only and in a rea­son­able man­ner.  We only allow the accom­mo­da­tion to be occu­pied by the num­ber of per­sons con­firmed at the time of book­ing.  Oper­a­tion of any form of busi­ness from the accom­mo­da­tion or use of it for any ille­gal or immoral pur­pose,  will require you to vacate the accom­mo­da­tion imme­di­ately.  We have a zero tol­er­ance pol­icy towards behav­iour that is abu­sive, threat­en­ing or vio­lent towards our staff, our con­trac­tors or other guests.  If you or any of your party or any­one that you autho­rise to occupy the accom­mo­da­tion behaves in this man­ner, we will ter­mi­nate your right to occupy the accom­mo­da­tion imme­di­ately and we may report the mat­ter to the police.


We fol­low a no smok­ing pol­icy in all premises and in all the apart­ments.  Smok­ers who ignore this restric­tion can be fined up to £ 500 to cover the cost of an out­side steam clean­ing com­pany to clean the entire apart­ment. Plus any income lost due to the apart­ment becom­ing unavail­able for occu­pa­tion by a new guest booking.


An exten­sion of your stay depends on avail­abil­ity and is at the dis­cre­tion of the management.

The man­age­ment reserves the right to move you to another apart­ment of at least as good a stan­dard within the build­ing, if nec­es­sary. We will how­ever always attempt to avoid such moves.


Internet usage is complimentary to all our guests. Please be aware that the man­age­ment can­not be held respon­si­ble for any vis­its to unau­tho­rized, restricted or ille­gal sites. The user is liable and enters those sites entirely at their own risk.


The property reserves the right to charge for dam­age or loss caused by you to the apart­ment or its con­tents.  Com­pen­sa­tion will be demanded to cover the rea­son­able cost of repair or replace­ment, plus any income lost due to the apart­ment becom­ing unfit for occu­pa­tion by new res­i­dents.


We wish you to treat your apart­ment as your home, but ask you to respect the rights of other guests to peace­ful enjoy­ment of their apart­ment. Par­ties and loud music are not allowed (which the man­age­ment reserve the right to deter­mine). Fail­ure to com­ply will result in guests being asked to leave immediately.


The property can­not be held respon­si­ble for the ram­i­fi­ca­tions against com­pa­nies or estab­lish­ments rec­om­mended by us,  such as: Dry Cleaners/ Cars or Taxi Companies/ Restaurants.


The prop­erty offers a safe in your apartment and we cannot be held respon­si­ble for any loss or dam­age to valu­ables left unat­tended in the apartment.


When vacat­ing the accom­mo­da­tion, you must leave the accom­mo­da­tion in the same con­di­tion as it was at the begin­ning of your stay, sub­ject to fair wear and tear. Where the accom­mo­da­tion or any item is not left in the con­di­tion required, you must pay us any costs which we incur in clean­ing, repair or replacement.